Our leadership


Meet Bart Penfold

​As a successful three-time CEO with over ten years of search and executive coaching experience, Bart founded Penfold Associates in 2014 to answer an unmet need in the marketplace. He believed that executive search placements would have greater, longer, and more positive impact if the person conducting the search fully understood the strategic direction of the company doing the searching.


Depth of Experience

​Bart has conducted a broad range of C-level search assignments including CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CRO, CMO, Treasurer, Board members, regional and product leadership and other key leadership roles to high-producing individaul contributors.


Strategic Vision

​Bart's previous roles include: Managing Director and Practice Leader at DHR International, President of the Alliance of Chief Executives, CEO of CareGuide, CEO of Age Wave, Inc, and President and General Manager of HSN.​ He's past President and currently  a member of the Board of the Association for Corporate Growth.


A Note from Bart

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

One of the founding tenets of this practice is that the intangible characteristics – of candidates and of companies – matter as much or more than their tangible counterparts. That’s why I’m taking a moment to deliver an intangible idea to you in this very tangible way. 

You can read about our stats and our success rates elsewhere, but they only tell part of the story. What you can’t find online or on paper is:

  • Our reach -– We excel in developing and recruiting hard-to-find talent.
  • Our tenacity -– We finish every search we start. Period.
  • Our range -– We’re equally comfortable, and equally successful, in regional boutiques and global corporations.
  • Our dedication -– We focus on talent strategies that will help your business grow in scale.
  • Our vision -– We keep our eyes on the horizon, where your future success is waiting.

You have my word that we will bring these and every other asset to bear when we go after the perfect match who will change the game for you and your company. The sky’s the limit.

Please reach out to me personally to get the ball rolling. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards,

Bart Penfold

President and CEO 

Penfold Associates