Leadership Development


There are no great companies without great leaders.

At Penfold Associates, we understand that every successful company is headed by game-changing leaders. Through our Leadership Development program, we work with upcoming talent to help them become the pivotal players top-performing companies depend on. 


Individual Coaching

Talent development is always future-focused.

Our pipeline to game-changing talent begins in our Coaching and Leadership Development practice, where we get to know and nurture candidates as they come into their own.

That's how we know which rising star or great leader is pitch perfect for your team and the goals you have in sight.​

​It's also how we can guarantee that the slate of game-changers we present to you will align with your team and your goals from their first day forward. 


CEO Roundtables

It may not actually be "lonely" at the top, but C-level executives are nonetheless limited in their ability to share information and seek solutions for sensitive issues.​ Our CEO Roundtables allow business leaders and their peers to meet in small, completely confidential groups to innovate, brainstorm, "test the waters," or get the kind of ideas and encouragement only their peers can provide.​

Each session provides an ideal place for C-level executives to exchange ideas and solutions, refine their leadership skills, and expand their networks. Led by Bart Penfold, a three-time CEO, our Roundtables are guaranteed to be immediately effective for every member who takes a seat at the table.


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Penfold Associates

1480 Moraga Rd., Suite 384, Moraga, CA 94556, US

(510) 693-8802