Our Candidates

​PENFOLD ASSOCIATES is, first and foremost, a candidate-focused business. ​Why?

Because we know that the best way to ensure the success of our clients is to deliver engaged leaders and rising stars who perform with passion and dedication from Day 1.

Through our Leadership Development program, ​we work closely with high-performing candidates over the span of months and years -- not weeks. That's how we know that our candidates are ready for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity the moment it comes along.  

​​​That's how Penfold Associates' candidates make a greater impact, stay longer, and are promoted more often and sooner than any other candidates in this business. And it's why Penfold Associates' placements are guaranteed to be in step with your team, company, and culture.

PENFOLD ASSOCIATES' CANDIdates are guaranteed:


-To energize and inspire their team and your business -- changing the game in the process.

-To welcome challenges, working as both a key part of your team and an independent go-getter.

-To continuously create new opportunities -- for themselves, their team, and their organization.

-To build a strong culture of success and innovation -- with momentum of its own.

-To be on the lookout for ways to deliver peak performance -- and to inspire it in their teams.

-​​To be future-focused, able to see and ready to take on what's on the horizon.